Proud to be a member of the
Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Curriculum Impact

Linking to out ultimate goals, every member of staff will work tirelessly to ensure the curriculum leads to the following:

  • Outcomes, for all pupils, will improve at the end of each key stage, including EYFS, and every student will make progress across the curriculum;
  • Pupils will have developed a deep understanding of different types of knowledge to support everything outlined in our curriculum intent;
  • Every subject and topic area will have a clearly defined end goal and assessment opportunities throughout the unit will indicate the development of substantive and disciplinary knowledge;
  • The wider enrichment and extra-curricular programme will have supported the development of every individual, giving them the cultural capital to be successful in the next stage of their education, whilst looking beyond to later career development;
  • Links with local industries and businesses will have supported students in giving them knowledge of opportunities, both local and national;
  • Barriers to learning will have been considered and addressed, particularly in relation to combating any issues raised by the local context of the academy, and particularly in relation to any students with additional needs and/or for whom the academy receives additional funding;
  • Aspirations have clearly been raised so every pupil leaves Waltham Gateway Academy, knowing that they can be successful in whatever they want to achieve in life;
  • Students are tolerant, caring, understanding and active local, national and global citizens.