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Lincolnshire Gateway Academies Trust

Will we follow any particular schemes?

In our current academies, we use a number of resources to support the delivery of our curriculum subject areas. In September 2019, we started using elements of the Chris Quigley Essentials curriculum, where we used milestones to help teach and assess knowledge and skills taught across year groups. In September 2022, we started using a greater range of the Chris Quigley resources to help us enhance the teaching of detailed and deep knowledge and to further enhance our sequencing across certain subjects and across year groups, with an emphasis on remembering and knowing.

In addition, we use a wide range of resources across subjects. For example, we adapt the White Rose programme in Mathematics; we use Bug Club do deliver Phonics in some school, though we also use a programme called Little Wandle in another school; Kapow to support our teaching of Computing and Music and Language Angels to support the teaching of French.

Importantly, we will make final decisions on some of these programmes over the next 18 months. We want to ensure that we give careful consideration to the children of Waltham Gateway Academy and use the best resources for them, based on latest designs, updates and evidence.